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TalentFilter’s API is the industry’s most trusted provider of resume
sourcing solutions. We make it possible for our partners to bring
advanced resume searching to their applicant tracking systems.
Over 30 recruitment technology partners and over 400,000 users
have access to TalentFilter via our robust API for resume search.
Our technology is only available through partners, it is not sold to
direct users. Contact your ATS representative to see if TalentFilter
is available through your preferred system.


Powerful Resume Sourcing for your ATS

Bring Resume Search to Your Users Today

TalentFilter streamlines the online search process, aggregating resumes from all of your users preferred job boards and social media sites into one easy to manage list. Help your users spend significantly less time manually searching multiple sources so they can find the best candidates faster.

Looking to add resume search to your product suite but don’t have the
resources to build it internally? TalentFilter is here to help. By taking our
API, partners are able to build a customized search tool directly in their
ATS. Expand your product offering while bringing your users a necessary
solution for pinpointing qualified candidates online. TalentFilter manages
the job board connections, constantly monitoring to make sure the most
popular sites are added. TalentFilter is the fastest, easiest way to make
resume sourcing available to your employers.


TalentFilter Continuous Process

  • Faster, more cost-effective candidate pipelining in a single list.
  • Advanced matching so only the best resumes are returned.
  • OFCCP compliant.
  • Add resume search to your ATS quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Increase your profitability, win rate & revenue.
  • Offer your clients easier job oboard and resume management.
  • Customize our API to fit your current platform.


About TalentDrive

TalentDrive’s resume sourcing technology, TalentFilter, is the first online resume search API to help employers and recruiters find resumes online. With the capability to search hundreds of job boards, TalentFilter generates matched resumes in a single location. Available through an advanced API, TalentFilter is proud to power resume search solutions for over 30 global ATS (applicant tracking system) providers.

TalentDrive was founded by accomplished entrepreneur, Sean Bisceglia. Sean started TalentDrive as majority owner in 2007 with minority investor Aquent, the world’s largest marketing and creative services staffing firm. Aquent has over 70 offices in 17 countries, including European headquarters in London and Asia Pacific headquarters in Sydney.

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Contact us today to learn how you to add resume sourcing to your ATS or home-grown system. No direct users please.

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